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A four year old boy…

A four year old boy from Mauritius, picture with his mother and father below who can be seen to be anxious, but trusting, before the surgery. He was born with a blockage to the flow of urine from his bladder and so he had to be catheterised every day to empty his bladder. He had the […]

A beautiful little baby boy….

A beautiful little baby boy, was born with an imperforate anus (no hole where his anus should be). This meant that without treatment, he would have a total blockage resulting in swelling and pain. He required the blockage to be repaired, initially by the formation of a temporary colostomy, which brings the end of the […]

A two year old girl…

A two year old girl from Papua New Guinea who, over the course of many weeks, began to be unwell, irritable, lethargic and developed a huge lump in her abdomen. The school teacher father had seen the swelling in the little girl’s abdomen develop over weeks, but the lack of easy access to a doctor was […]

A 13 year old girl…

A 13 year old girl who had a massive lump protruding from the left side of the neck. She became reclusive and afraid to go out without friends, spending her life hiding away under a bandana in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Her family lived in a very remote part of the country and were poor […]

A three year old girl…

A beautiful three year old little girl was born with an abnormal connection of her bowel to her perineum and a very dilated segment of bowel in the pelvis. This resulted in problems with constipation and soiling as she was unable to control her bowel action. She needed both repair of the abnormal anatomy to make […]

A four year old boy from Havana

A four year old boy who lives in Havana, Cuba with his brothers and sisters. He had only one kidney. His other kidney had been removed as part of surgery to save his life because of a tumour known as a Wilms tumour, He had an ultrasound scan to check that his only remaining kidney was […]

A 13 year old girl

A 13 year old girl was born with her bladder exposed to the surface of her abdomen, a condition known as “bladder exstrophy”. Her bladder was wide open, resulting in her being constantly wet with urine, giving her an awfully offensive body odour. She was unhappy at school and constantly teased by her school mates […]