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Our Committees

Our board committees undertake the ongoing work of the organisation.  They are made up of board members and a number of other volunteers.

Fundraising Committee

Members:  Padma Rao (Chair), Sandra Bourke, Luke Crocker, Mandy Ryan

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for attracting donations of cash, services, equipment and medical consumables to fund the operations of KCfK.  It does this by developing relationships with potential donors and sponsors, including corporations, community groups such as Rotary and charitable foundations, and planning and running fundraising events and activities.

Medical Manpower and Projects Committee

Members: Paddy Dewan (Chair),  Padma Rao, Gordon Kirk

The Medical Manpower and Projects Committee is responsible for the planning, approval and evaluation of all of KCfK’s projects, including medical visits to developing countries to perform surgery on children in need, training programs to improve the skills of overseas paediatric surgeons, and procurement and shipping of medical equipment to overseas hospitals.

It is also responsible for all issues related to the provision of medical services, including the long term direction of where KCfK services could be most effective, recruitment of medical personnel, data management of medical personnel and patient data, and evaluation and reporting of project success and effectiveness from a medical perspective.

Communications Committee

Members: Shaun Ramadan

The Communications Committee is responsible for raising the profile of Kind Cuts for Kids throughout the Australian community.  It achieves this through a number of channels including this website, social media, public relations, mainstream media, published articles, speaking engagements and providing publicity for fundraising events and activities.

Digital Committee

Members: Shaun Ramadan

The Digital Committee is responsible for all digital activation’s relating to supporting Kind Cuts for Kids.  Primarily focusing on maintaining and improving the web activities and any form of digital touch points.

Finance Committee

Members: Gordon Kirk (Chair), Maggie Hammerton

The Finance Committee is responsible for the sound management of KCfK’s finances, including budgeting, reporting and ongoing accounting functions.

Permission of families obtained in relation to display of patient and surgical images