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About Us

Our goal is to improve the lives of children in developing countries by conducting a range of surgical procedures which are not readily available in that country, while educating local health care professionals. Our aim is self sufficiency in these procedures in each country that we visit.

Many children in developing countries have little access to health care, or even clean water. Our goal is to ensure low cost, high quality care to as many as possible, through training and education of local health care professionals to maximise the best use of limited resources.

Those lives can be dramatically changed and are being changed by the expertise and experience of the medical teams of Kind Cuts for Kids.  Kind Cuts is a non-government, not-for-profit, TOTALLY volunteer organisation. It has no formal office, no fixed overhead costs and pays no salaries or retainers. It neither rents nor owns real estate.

Every dollar received from gifts and fundraising is spent on visiting places where children are in desperate need and whose lives have long been affected by lack of proper medical care.

Some of the surgery is ‘routine’ by Western standards, but results in a huge improvement in the quality of life experienced by these children. However many of the operations are complex and specialised and without our help these children currently have very little prospect of improvement, or sometimes, survival. Our surgical team also gains valuable experience as they are exposed to a large number of paediatric conditions, many of which nowadays present rarely in Western hospitals.

We aim to help remedy the current deficiencies in health care infrastructure by identifying the areas of need in terms of knowledge, finances, equipment, and manpower and by proposing workable solutions appropriate to each country.

Our team consists of a group of medical personnel, including paediatric surgeons, paediatric radiologists, anaesthetists and nursing staff, in conjunction with the organisational members of the board.